The right way to Hookup a Router

A router connects to your modem (or they are simply combined into one device) and provides a connection to the Internet. This kind of connection is definitely necessary to allow you to see the web, stream online video, and more about all your devices.

You can hook up a router using an ethernet cable or easily. Either technique is fine, every method could be easier or perhaps harder compared to the other.

1 . Use an Ethernet Cable

If you want to get in touch your computer to your new router using an ethernet cable connection, you’ll have to find a no cost LAN port on the back side of the router or perhaps modem. Generally, the plug-ins will be square holes that have “LAN” created previously mentioned or following to all of them.

installment payments on your Use a Wifi Router

Many routers today come with a cellular component, and you could hook up your computer towards the router applying Wi-Fi. This is often simpler and more quickly than linking to your router with a network cable television, and this eliminates the advantages of a lot of wires in your home.

3. Bridge Your Modem and Router

Some ISPs offer gateways that combine modem and router functions. In these instances, you’ll ought to set the gateway to disable its have router and pass its WAN IP address and network traffic to your new router.

Once your entrance and router are turned on, wait for a few minutes for them to connect and start doing work alongside one another. Once they’re connected, you may use your computer to access the router settings and set up a new wireless network in your home.

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